Applying to New College

To apply to New College, applicants must apply to the University of Oxford following the procedure described on the , and nominate New College as their first choice college. They must first be accepted by the department or faculty in which they wish to study. Their application will then be considered by the college(s) chosen. 

You can find further details of our graduate community, facilities, and the postgraduate courses that we offer on the . 


The scholarly interests of our graduate students are very diverse: as well as those reading for advanced degrees in both Sciences and Humanities, we admit clinical medical students, PGCE students and a few graduates reading for undergraduate honours degrees. 

In addition to teaching and supervision provided by the University faculties, each graduate is appointed a College Advisor, who is a Fellow of the College. The College Advisor's role is generally to provide support and encouragement to graduate students and to assist with their integration into the life of the College. 

You can view the Graduate Prospectus on the University webpages. 

You may also find useful information on the  

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